Friday, May 27, 2011

My Clearance/Coupon deal at Target!

Check out this shirt I just got from Target! And I only paid 74 cents (plus tax!)
How, you ask? Well, the shirt was on clearance for $3.74 and I had those apparel coupons I told you all to print, one which was for $3 off a Mossimo clothing items. So, ta-da! You really can't even get a better deal on a shirt like this at a garage sale! :)

If you also printed these coupons while they were available and have gotten any sweet deals, let me know!

(Also, I tried to use the $2 off a womens top on a bathing suit top and it didn't work...apparently it's just for clothing tops. lol Just thought I'd let you know! I still got a bathing suit on clearance, also $3.74 for each piece.) I love Target clearance!!!

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