Sunday, July 24, 2011

Buy things at online auctions for FREE! - Listia

Here's something new, the casper slide part 2 and this time its gonna get... (got slightly distracted there), and it's called LISTIA!
Ever heard of it? Me either, until now. It's just like eBay except it's all free. Oddly enough, it is. People put up stuff they want to get rid of and you can bid on it. Now, I know you must be confused, because if it's free, what exactly are you bidding with. Well, you bid with points. You get points for signing up (500 - definitely enough for something free) and also whenever you get rid of something you want to get rid of. You also can get additional points for creating your profile, inviting friends, listing your first action, ect.

I've been looking at the auctions and it looks like its pretty easy to get something for a few amount of points, but obviously, the nicer things you want, the more you will end up paying.

Anyway, it looks really cool to me and I'm going to give it a shot! Sign up at (and this is my friend link, so if you sign up you'll give me some! AND you will get an additional 100 points by signing up under me as opposed to not having a referral)

So, long story short, sign up at listia and start bidding! See if you can get anything fun, for FREE!!

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