Wednesday, July 27, 2011 Sales

Now this is just crazy. I've been trying to get something for a while and figured I'd wait until I did but I usually forget to get on my computer at EXACTLY 11:00 and if I'm a few minutes late all the good things are gone already! Until August 1st you can use the code SUMMER25 for $25 off and free shipping.

As you can see, this is amazing, and a lot of other people think so too, so you have to be on right away and can't miss a second, and you could end up with some cool things. Here's what I missed today....

Puma shoes - $32 (with $25 dollar off code and free shipping they would have been SEVEN DOLLARS)
Following bracelets - priced at $25 - would have been FREE!

Cute clothes for little girls - only $18-$19 - would have been FREE
And that's just a sample of the items we could have gotten for free today, but the good news is that every day at 11:00 central they put up new sales. Maybe I'll set an alarm this time.

I would sign up for MyHabit now (powered by Amazon, so if you have an Amazon account you can use that) and look around real quick so you know what you're getting into...and then try it tomorrow! You HAVE to let me know if you are able to get anything! :) 

Good luck to you (and me too!)


  1. I started doing this about a month ago and I've gotten 3 free bracelets, a $4 bra and today I got a pair of undies for $1! YOu have to be quick though. I always load the page the instant the sale begins and everything's sold out withing seconds or minutes.

    the sales are unbelievable sometimes. you HAVE to try it out!

  2. Nice! Yeah I ended up getting one bracelet. I'm sad I didn't end up with more, but oh well! Really, you just have to go to the right page selling the cheap stuff right away or it's gone already! Crazy! Glad you were able to get a lot of cool things!


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