Wednesday, August 10, 2011

$5 Large Photobook from PhotoBin!

About This SWEET deal at SaveMore for PhotoBin

Online photo albums might be convenient, but they just can’t compete with the feeling of having the real deal right in your hands (plus, they make terrible gifts). With today’s deal from PhotoBin, you can create your own 20-page 8.75x11” Hardcover Photowrap Photobook for only $15 ($39.99 value).
You can use photos from your computer or ones found on the internet (aka Facebook!) Also, you can choose to organize them yourself, or have Photo Bin do an auto arrange. Basically, make it as easy as you want!
So, how do you get this deal? I'm sure you're thinking, I thought you said $5, not $15! Well, sign up for an account at SaveMore and you will receive a $10 credit! Woot woot! Which will knock the price down to $5.

Next, click the "buy" button for $15 at PhotoBin. Make sure your credit applies before you check out (there's no reason it shouldn't, but its always good to check!)

You will be buying the voucher to PhotoBin. You will receive an email with instructions on how to use your voucher when you check out at PhotoBin. You might have to wait a day until the deal is over to receive your voucher, don't worry, it will come!

NOTE: Shipping is NOT included with this deal, so that will add another $6 to your order, so $11 for a photobook, still a great deal!

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