Sunday, August 7, 2011

So COOL - $60 worth for customized purses for just $20!

Tippr is a daily deals site offering a $60 voucher to create your own DIY handbag for just $25! And they offer a $5 credit to new customers.
So check out Elemental Threads to see if you like their purse choices and look at prices, you could get a couple small ones, or put the credit toward the larger ones.

So, if you want to buy it, I'll break this down for you.

Step 1: Sign up at Tippr for a $5 credit.

Step 2: Find the deal for Elemental Threads, should be on your homepage. It's $25 for $60 worth of handbags that you design yourself. (It becomes $20 because you got a $5 credit for signing up! Click the BUY NOW button.

Step 3: Now, here's the hard part, they will email you the voucher and they state, "Please allow 24 hours after deal closes to redeem voucher." BUT you can still go to Elemental Threads and design your bag, but you will have to wait a couple days to purchase it with your voucher!

Make sense? I know these Daily Deal sites can be confusing if you haven't used them before. Basically when you buy the $60 (for $20), you aren't buying a purse (yet), just a credit to use on their site. This will be emailed to you and then - TA-DA - you can purchase your beautiful one-of-a-kind design purse!

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