Wednesday, September 21, 2011

$25 giftcard to for FREE

Head over to Dress Rush to get your free $25 giftcard to! Click on the tab "Free Deals" and then "view details" on the left hand side to sign up and "buy" for this SWEET deal for $0! No credit card information is ever entered!
Storkie has wedding invitations, thank you cards, stickers, stamps, and more! They also have baby announcements, other party invitations, and Christmas cards! Pretty much, if you can print it and send it - they have it here!

I was just shopping around a little bit and you could get 15 personalized thank yous for just 35 cents after the $25 giftcard! OR 14 Christmas photo cards for 6 cents! You need to spend $50 to use the gift card, so really you could get 30 Christmas cards for about $25. Not bad, but not great either. 

UPDATE: Just got my voucher in my email and the fine print says that you need to spend $50 in order to get $25 off...still a pretty good deal if you were already planning on getting some invites, but a bit disappointing...

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