Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Free Vera Bradley lunchbox!!!

This freebie was a complete surprise! I was at the Vera Bradley outlet where the lunch coolers are marked down from 28 dollars to 21. Then everything in the store was 30% off! So i decided, for 15 dollars, that this would make a good birthday present from my in-laws! So I was going to spend my birthday money on a cute lunch box - not something I would usually buy BUT when I was checking out they asked if I wanted to join their mailing list and receive free coupons. Of course! When she found out my birthday was in a couple days she decided to give my birthday present now - which is $20 off anything!

So that is my coolest new freebie my birthday present from Vera. :)


  1. just curious...was the sign-up for this specific outlet or any vera bradley location

  2. @ Anonymous - I'm not sure. I would assume it would be all locations. You could always call and ask before you head out there!


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