Sunday, November 20, 2011

Black Friday Drugstore Shopping!

So I'm getting excited for Black Friday shopping - especially at Walgreens and CVS!
Seriously, if you are going to coupon just one day a year, you could almost get all your essentials on Black Friday (depending on how many rounds you want to go through!)
So many items are FREE after Register Rewards and Extra Care Bucks! Quite a few can be combined with coupons to make them money makers!
I started clipping my coupons today! See the Black Friday ad previews for Walgreens and CVS at Mashupmom!
You won't believe all the things you can get for free! Separate your transactions to pay less out of pocket so you don't end up with a million Register Rewards!

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  1. Here are more Walgreens and CVS coupons:


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