Thursday, November 24, 2011

CVS & Walgreens - my Thanksgiving Drugstore Shopping!

So I went drugstore shopping this morning at CVS and Walgreens with my mom! I have to admit, there were some crazy coupon people there :( but also some really nice and friendly ones like me! We had a lot of fun getting all these deals! :) I think, together, we ended up spending about $15 (probably about $5 was just tax) and ended up with ALL this stuff!!!

UPDATE: So, my shopping had not gone as planned - I wasn't expected to actually SPEND money, but when it happened, I was just like "oh well, it happens." BUT just recently I grabbed my receipts and I saw what happened. I had grabbed the 26 count of Breathe Right Strips instead of the 12 count. SO I paid $14 for those Breathe Right Strips that I was supposed to get for free after an ECB. So, I'll return that tomorrow...and this is how it all played out.
  • Myself at CVS: Used $26 in ECBs, should have paid $.54 in cash, received $33.36 back in ECBs. Up $7.36
  • My mom at CVS: Used $2 in ECBs, paid $30.46 in cash, received $37.31 in ECBs. Up $4.85
  • Our Walgreens transactions: Used $2 in RRs, paid $22.58 in cash, received $12.99 in RRs. Down $11.59 at Walgreens (wrapping paper, therma care heat wraps - my mom didn't just want the trial ones, and laundry detergent)
  • TOTAL for the day: we were PAID 62 cents to get all this stuff!!!
Did you do any drugstore shopping today?!

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