Sunday, November 13, 2011

Panda Express: FREE 2 entree plate when you buy a $25 gift card

This post is thanks to my thrifty husband - who found this deal last night when I left him for a girls night downtown...
Head over to Panda Express and buy a $25 gift card and you will receive a FREE 2-entree meal! So buy the gift card if you go there often enough and will use it OR think of a Christmas present you could knock out of the way (Gift Cards like this are great for random gift exchanges!)

Here's the information from the Panda Express facebook page to verify that, yes, this is available everywhere.
Need a quick and easy gift this holiday season? How about a Panda Express gift card? Purchase a $25 gift card or higher, and you’ll receive a FREE 2-Entree Plate for yourself. Talk about spreading the joy during the holidays.

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