Friday, January 6, 2012

DSW Rewards: my shoes!

I am so excited because I finally found COMFORTABLE shoes that I can wear to work (and hopefully not have to take off by 6th hour) and they are actually pretty cute too.

The brand is Kelly & Katie. The retail price is around $70. The DSW price is $49.95.

Here's where it gets fun! I signed up for DSW rewards almost a year ago - haven't bought anything there until now, but they still sent me coupons (you get even more if you actually buy things there). Their coupons (or rewards certificates) were usually $5 - $10 dollars off. DSW Rewards are good for a YEAR past the expiration date and you can use THREE of them at once! I had a few saved up, so I used 3 $10 coupons to get $30 off. Now my shoes were just $21.75, and I had $9.52 on a giftcard - so I only paid $12.23 (includes tax) out of pocket.

You can sign up for DSW rewards HERE.

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