Thursday, September 22, 2011

Free Beauty Gift Set Caddies!

Be sure to check out the Olay Beauty Baskets from Wal-mart because you can get them for free after rebate! (Instead of choosing the magazine offer, submit for $9.99 cash back).
 Your best deal is on the Venus Spa Breeze Holiday Gift Set Caddy with Bonus Free Allure Subscription for 1 Year (Value $23) is ONLY $9, making it a $1 Money Maker after rebate (or actually when we consider tax, it's about a 30 cent money maker...but hey, you get a lot of free stuff too!!!!)

Also, Wal-mart is shipping this for FREE to your house so that just makes it even more simple.

If you want to make even more money on this one, shop through ShopAtHome to get 2% back from

Thanks One Frugal Chick!

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